What You Should Know About PHP Scanners

What You Should Know About PHP Scanners

Perhaps you have heard about PHP scanners in the past but you have no idea what a PHP scanner actually is. Simply said, a PHP scanner is a security solution that was created to access the vulnerabilities of various networks or applications and test for their weaknesses of code that is written in PHP. You will see that there are many different types of vulnerability scanners on the market today, with each being designed to cater to different customers and their varying needs.

PHP Scanner Uses

Sure, every PHP scanner may function differently, but in the end, their goal is the same. They all share the same common purpose and are used to identify vulnerabilities that may be found in one or more of the PHP code targets. The scanner is a core technology component of any form of vulnerability management. PHP malicious code scanners are usually web apps. They are usually issued to test PHP targets, whether they are remote or local, and check for any vulnerabilities that may exist. The scan details are updated in real time to benefit the user. They may provide details about the current status of the scan, the number of URLsfound, and then the complete analysis of the vulnerabilities to help you better understand what is wrong.

PHP Scanner Functions

You will see that PHP scanners possess various functions. Many act as crawlers that will display all URLsthat belong to the specific website. They also scan all located URLs to be sure there are no errors. These scanners can perform history scans, which will allow a user to get PDF reports of all their previous scans. They are also able to use registration and login functions, as well as to select specific vulnerabilities for testing. These little PHP scanners can create a highly detailed PDF report of their findings as well. The finalized PDF report will be issued as an attachment so that you can take a look at it in detail.

Because you want to be sure that you always deliver secure applications, using a PHP scanner is highly important for you and your web app. There are many different PHP scanners on the market today, but CheckMarx is the best that money can buy and you will not regret using it when you see how greatly it improves your app.

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