What to know: going to announce your new website?

What to know: going to announce your new website?

It’s not wrong to say that nowadays online businesses are on its blooming stage.  There are so many companies who are working online for a very long time.  Not only that, because to so many companies the completion is getting tougher and in such situation introducing a new Website Announcement can be risky. Being a businessman, you can understand that risk is a part of business and without taking risk there is zero chances of growth. So before doing anything makes sure that you have an answer of How to announce new website.

What you need to do?

Before you announce new website, there are few points that you need to consider and to do.  These steps can make your process ea and simple as well as you don’t have to worry about any type of problem that you can face.

  • Do publicity and marketing

There are various kind of tools that you can use also you can go live and inform your audience about your new website in case you are thinking about how to announce a website redesign then don’t worry , email marketing is a best  option for personally contacting your audience and telling about the changes that you done in your website. Not only that, you can use social media where you can get a large number of people.

  • Do notify your old clients or customers

Make sure that you inform your old clients, vendor, family, friends, customers anyone that plays an important part in your company. They should know about your new website and what change that they are going to see.  Also take feedbacks from them as it will help you in knowing about your performance and what things that you need to change so your website can work better. Last but not the least; don’t forget to make a press release so officially everyone can know about your new website.

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