Web Design following Content Production

Web Design following Content Production


The best way to improve company success online is to have a great web design and have good content inside the website. With recent studies, it has been proven that good web design is simply lost on the web without SEO to improve visibility in search engines.  Content production is one of the best ways to improve web visibility online. The more content a website has, the better and fuller it will become online. With every new article that is posted online, a company will always have a new link to share on social networking sites and a new link that will be indexed on google creating, even more, exposure online. Ntw designs is a digital web design company, but also has experience in content production. Find out below how to create effective web content and where to place content on your site.

How to effectively create web content?

Creating content should be done effectively. The first way to create amazing articles is by writing about things that most people haven’t touched basis on. Topics that are different will most likely rank better online and also will spark up curiosity for readers. When creating content, it is always recommended to create on self-schedule and share on a timely basis. If you are a company that writes and posts new articles constantly, you will most likely have a group of followers that are ready to read your new posts as soon as you hit publish. To increase followers, it is recommended to always share on schedule. If you post on a Thursday, always post on the same time and date on Thursday. This way, your followers will know when to expect a blog from your website. Aside from the social sharing aspect of it, the internal writing is very important. Correct grammar and descriptive words are known to captivate the audience when reading the piece!

Where to place your blog on your website?

The most common location to place a blog is usually on the main menu of the homepage.  The upper right section of a website usually has a blog tab that visitors can easily spot and click on. Over 50 percent of websites will add their blog in this section. The other location to place a blog is on the homepage near the footer. Most websites place up to 3 different blogs at the bottom of a web page and link those 3 blogs onto the main blog homepage.

As explained above by Ntw designs, a website must contain a blog section that is visible. Content production is one of the best ways a company can showcase their intellect as a firm and at the same time, energize SEO ranks for their website.


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