Web design company in Charlotte

Web design company in Charlotte

We, Tanner Grey, the best web design company is here in Charlotte for you.  We believe that the difference between a mediocre web designs to a great web design is pretty wide. The following would substantiate our concepts which can be viewed Web Design Company in Charlotte.

New technology and thinking

We move the goal post further to give you what you deserve- the best. We have developed the skills and habits just to achieve that. And we have put out foot firmly down the ground. The obsession we have to keep ourselves abreast did reap real dividends for us. Always, we break us free from old clutches and endeavour to conquer new vistas.

Connect with the user

We connect with the client in their thinking, motives, aim and outlook of the website. Some may sound to be trivial but would have some larger meaning to their embedded in them. A Web design company in Charlotte, Tanner Grey, go deep into the customers’ ideas. That includes their goals, mind-sets, frustrations, tolerances, preferences, and sometimes even favourite colours. The web designer should be able to dig out those hidden desires.

Established practices

The web designer should eliminate guess work but rely on hard facts. The litmus test needs to be used at every stage right from conceptualisation to final implementation. Real research should be encouraged than fictional, empirical or hypothetical data.

Rely on data, not instincts

The best designers always rely on concrete facts.  The validation of user thinking should be in conjunction with utility testing of personal preferences. Another test worth undertaking is the usability testing which would expose hidden motives.  Your instincts can be a guiding factor provided those are backed up by reliable research at every stage. A great designer should make sure that the design is contemporary and would hit the bull’s eyes.

Avoid ambiguity

The thinking process of the user should be kindled spontaneously rather than forceful or dismaying repetition. The memory and attention sp0an of the customer should be taken into account. A good designer would bear in mind that a web designating process is a tri-party agreement involving the developer, owner, and user. For example, the use of interface should be a logical extension of the thinking and not a compulsion to proceed to next step. Unnecessary buttons, information, drop down menus, a splash of colours, delayed interface, etc. should be judiciously planned so that to take away any deterrent factor.

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