Tracking Statistics for QR Codes

Tracking Statistics for QR Codes

Anyone can create a QR code for their business, or personal use.  You can use it to direct people to your website, show them a video or whatever you like! Trouble is, how do you know who exactly is scanning and using your QR code?

There are hundreds of free QR creation tools online, each with varying levels of features and statistic tracking.   When you create a QR code for your business, it is important to be able to track its statistics to see if it’s working or not.  Then you can decide to take action to improve the design or the content that is displayed.

One of the top QR code creators that has tracking is QR Crazy.  Wherever your dynamic QR code is placed, and whatever the information it contains, you can be sure your click statistics are recorded on your active account.  On QR Crazy for example you can access to all the features that make up your dynamic QR code by clicking on the Stats & Edit tab at the top of your designer page.  And after a while you will be curious as to how many clicks your QR code is receiving.

It is unlikely that you will receive substantial tracking with a free QR generator, which is why it is beneficial for business owners to pay a small monthly fee to track the statistics of their QR codes.  Simply log into your Premium account and go to Stats & Edit where you will find options to download different sizes, edit and customize your dynamic QR codes, plus the all important click-counter.  Here you will find that your clicks have been counted for you and it’s great to know that someone is clicking on your painstakingly created, dynamic QR code.  It may not be a lot right now, but whatever the number of clicks, remember that your QR code should be just a small part of your advertising or promotional strategy.  Sometimes the number of clicks is irrelevant.  A strange thing to say you might think, but just the presence of your logo wrapped in a QR code, or a striking design, makes a huge impact on your market share.  All easily achieved with a premium QR generator.   You are perceived as a 21st Century business, right up there with the multi-nationals that cover their promotions and packaging with their expensive designer QR codes.  For a fraction of the cost, you have joined the elite that capitalize on the public perception of QR codes that are becoming more popular with every passing day.  Awareness is growing and you dare not take the chance of being left behind.  Your QR code reflects your professionalism – you cannot afford not to have one!

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