Despite it being a really, really weird year – full of mixed emotions, really high highs, and really low lows – there’s no denying that some good came out if 2016 – especially as far as web video production was concerned. While waiting for 2017, we review web video’s 2016 stats to see just how well this digital medium did this year.


  1. On social media platforms, web videos generated 1200% more shares than text and images combined.
  2. Americans watch roughly 8,061 years’ worth of video content on YouTube. On Facebook, users view the equivalent of 713 years’ worth.
  3. One of the most popular types of videos? How-to videos. The search term “how to” was searched 70% more times this year than it was last year.

Conclusion: Web video production and social media seem to go hand-in-hand. Web video production releases the content, and social media platforms provide an avenue of circulation, distribution, and feedback.


  1. Marketers that included videos in emails witnessed an increased click-through rate up to 200-300%, according to Forrester.
  2. 70% of recognized marketers claim that web video production produces more conversions than any other digital content.
  3. Websites with video had an average conversion rate of 4.8%. Websites without videos averaged only about 2.9%.
  4. 40% of consumers stated that they were more likely to purchase a product on their mobile device if there was a video accompanying the purchase pageor if they watched a product video first.
  5. After watching a video ad, Online Publishers Association reportthat 46% of users are ready to take some sort of action regarding what they just watched – be it purchasing a product, searching for more information, or even searching for related videos/topics.

Conclusion: Web videos seem to be powerful conversion tools, turning people from potential customers to interested users after just a few short minutes. It’s been consistent in this category over the past few years – not just in 2016 – so the chances of companies switching to different digital mediums for conversions are fairly low.


  1. Companies that implemented web video productionas part of their marketing campaign had 41% more web traffic compared to campaigns that used media other than video.
  2. Poor quality, poor branding; studies showed that 62% of consumers developed negative perceptions of brands that produced poor quality videos, and the possibilities of them giving those brands “another chance” were exceedingly low.
  3. According to Mist Media, the average user spends 88% more time on a website if the website has video.
  4. 60% of internet users prefer watching a video over reading a newsletter.
  5. Video can drive an increase in organic traffic through a search engine up to 157%

Conclusion: The best way to establish yourself as a credible company – especially if you’re new to the game –is through video. Classic explainer videos such as Dollar Shave Club and Dropboxbuilt their brand name through web video productionand some clever marketing. The year 2017 might bring about a more effective tool for brand building but, for the time being,

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