List of most hated fonts that you shouldn’t use in your website

List of most hated fonts that you shouldn’t use in your website

In you run a website then you might know the importance of choosing the right kind of font for the website. This is because people love to use only that website that looks simple yet attractive. In simple terms, people mostly use the website the font of which is simple and easy to read. That’s why, it has become very important for you to choose the right kind of font that helps you in many ways.

If you are going to make a website or having a website in which you use the Hated Font then it is highly advised that you should not make use of it and if you have already used it, remove it immediately and instead of it use simple and easy to read fonts. There are some Most Hated Fonts people completely don’t accept to read such as

Comic sans – this font is probably considered as one of the most hated one ever. This font is hated by the people so much that there are many websites available that are only dedicated for the hatred against this font.

Bradley hand – this font is widely used by the girls while chatting but it is also a fact that it is not accepted widely and criticized by lot of people. This font is hated because there is no proper direction and that makes no sense because no one wants to read in a font that has a flow in no particular direction.

Viner hand – this font provides a negative impact and is considered as a combination of gothic as well emo type font. This font is almost considered as a brother font of Bradley one, this is because its direction is also not particular.

Brush script – this font is more like calligraphy and calligraphy is a very decorative writing that may look attractive at once but looks very unprofessional and high use of it is almost unacceptable.

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