Important accessories of camera

Important accessories of camera

Photos carry a thousand words and a memory that is indescribable. When you go out for a vacation with your family and friends it always become memorable and enthusiastic moment but that trip or vacation can become more memorable if you click the photos of that wonderful time. This is because as the time passes the memory of trip may get faded from your mind but photos will remain evergreen and whenever you see the photos you always get mesmerized and amazed. Those photos can surely become iconic for you if you are able to retain them in your camera and to do so you need good and high quality memory card.  Memory card is a very essential part of the camera because the entire photos you click directly get stored in your memory card. That’s why it is very important for you to carry or purchase a good quality card that doesn’t get corrupt easily and your photographs remain safe forever.

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Importance of battery in a camera

After memory card what you need the most is good camera battery. Batteries are very important for the camera as it helps the camera to function properly and provide camera the strength to shoot and capture the photos for very long time. It is always advised that you should carry a pair of extra batteries for a backup in case of an emergency. Here are some batteries that is considered very suitable for a camera purpose such as –

Lithium-ion – these batteries are rechargeable and very lightweight. This battery generates almost 40% more power than other type of batteries and this battery is considered very ideal for SLR camera.

Nickel metal hydride – this battery is very cheap as compare to others and gives a quite decent battery backup to camera. If you are having a small camera then this battery is worth to consider.  


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