How to run backup games on Nintendo 3DS 11.3.0-36E ?

How to run backup games on Nintendo 3DS 11.3.0-36E ?

It is really popular to hack Nintendo 3DS to play backup games in the marcket. As we all know, a Nintendo 3DS has been hacked by Sky3DS+, Gateway 3DS. With these two flashcards, it will be more esay to play backup games on 3DS 11.3.0. Then how to do this on our Nintendo 3DS console 11.3 without risk ? Today you will find your solutions.

Backups games on 3DS 

If you have already heard of backup games on 3DS, you must know that you need to buy a flashcart. Then what will we need to backup games on Nintendo 3DS ? Before you hack a Nintendo 3DS, we need to make sure which 3DS flashcart  to buy for for 3DS. Here is the options for you:

  1. Sky3DS+
  2. Sky3DS
  3. Gateway 3DS

For all these 3DS flashcarts, we sugguest you to get one Sky3DS+. This flashcart is the lastest version of Sky3DS from the group You can play as many games as you want to your Nintendo 3DS, just like Pokemon Moon and Sun, Monster Hunter X etc. So this card will add you to play the lastest and oldest 3DS games on 3DS until the version 11.3.0-36.

How will we prepare to hack 3DS ?

At first, we need to download free 3DS games online. There are many website that you can find by google, but many of them are difficult to download the right games online. So here is a website that is really esay for you to get your games ROMs.

Then you need to put the 3DS game ROMs to your Micro SD card, so we need to prepare a Micro SD card.

At end, it’s necessary to download the firmware du Sky3DS+ from the official website Then decompress your firmware V130, then just drag it into your Micro SD card.

Now we have already backed up all the games, then you just put the Sky3DS+ to your Nintendo 3DS, then just enjoy your games !

Where to get one flashcart ? will be the best choice for all the players all over the world. You can get all the original flashcarts from this official reseller.

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