GWC Valves International: Government Mandated Benefits

When it comes to the GWC Valves International company, there are several government mandated benefits that they have to give to their full time employees. It is important for employees who work full time to receive these kinds of benefits in order to feel like they are actually cared for and looked after and so that they can balance their work-life situation and problems.

There are seven government mandated benefits and these include employment insurance which is a federal program that is intended to provide temporary financial assistance to eligible persons who experience interruption in their work life with no fault of their own. These individuals need to prove that they are actively seeking for a job. There is also pay on termination of employment which is a reasonable advance notice periods where some employer’s pay in lieu of reasonable noticed who cease working immediately. Then there is severance pay which is an additional payout on top of the minimum notice period required, and there is a pay for mass layoffs which is an additional pay given to employees if 50 or more employees have been laid off. The third government mandated benefit is leaves of absence, this involves maternity and paternal leave that is provided in every jurisdiction. There is also a pension plan and this program has three types of benefits involved such as having a stable retirement income, survivor or death benefits that can be paid to the employee’s dependents and disability benefits that is payable to the employee or to their dependents. The fifth mandated benefit is workers compensation where income and medical benefits to victims of work-related accidents of illnesses are provided to or their dependents regardless of fault. Then there are vacations and holidays where a minimum of paid vacation must be provided, usually two weeks during the year. The last government mandated benefit is paid breaks, where employees get a minimum of 30 minutes of uninterrupted break.

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