Growing your Online Business in China

Growing your Online Business in China

The large population of China need a great web performance. The large population need good web services. Things get hard to control in the tight security of the Chinese government. The business men need a special license to provide their content to the chinses people within the Firewall that the government might officially cancel anytime. the big companies like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are banned in China.

It is going to be very difficult to reach your products through website because of the distance and weak communication of China.

The mobile phones of the Chinese population do not have broadband access and they need to depend on smart phones and hence you need to have a mobile customized website for your business.

Still if you don’t want to lose your Chinese costumers than the first thing that you take a domain name for Chinese users. This will also help you to band any third-party involvement which might be banned in China. At the same time, this will also help you to reduce the loss of getting a CDN bandwidth for your website.

the next thing that you can do is to get a CDN bandwidth with ICP license to deliver your content to the Chinese people. The best CDNs provider in China are China Cache and QUANTIL/ChinaNetCenter. They have their head office in US a provide services and support in English. the Chinese traffic are comparatively expensive than another geographic region.

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The next thing that you can do to gain Chinese traffic is to optimize your site. It is very important to customize your site as majority of Chinese population will access your website through smartphone.

Aftergetting these things required for your content delivery networksto Chinese people there are few things more that you need to consider.

 You need to get your website compatible with older website browsers. Most of the Chinese people use older browsers which might not load your latest browser and plugins.

Make it a 100% sure of the security offered by CDN to protect your site against DDoS attack and malware.

Lat step that you need to consider is to check the load time of your website. It’s better to host your website with one of the public clouds which do business inChina like Alibaba, AWS or Microsoft.


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