Getting the Best Content and What Is Good Content?

Getting the Best Content and What Is Good Content?

When many website owners think about content, they have a tendency to automatically think about SEO. They often see content as a means to drive traffic to their websites, and as a means to improve their position in search results. In SEO circles, it is often said that content is king, and I am certainly not going to argue, but we need to realize (and accept) that SEO is constantly evolving. What worked great two or three years ago may not work so great today.

The Abuse and Decline of Keywords in SEO

Several years ago, you could significantly improve your ranking in the various search engines, simply by churning out countless articles that were quite literally stuffed to the brim with particular keywords or keyword phrases. Even keyword-rich articles that offer little to no value for readers, could boost your search ranking.

Today, things are vastly different. If the likes of Google even suspect you of keyword stuffing, you are going severely penalized. Instead of being the savior of your website, keyword-stuffed content will be the death of your site.

Nobody is saying you can no longer use keywords or keyword phrases because you can, but quality and value should be the top priority when it comes to publishing content these days. Good content should be easy to digest; it should enjoyable to read, and it should offer readers some degree of value, something they can take away with then and use in their day to day lives.

Content for an Impatient World

Countless studies have clearly demonstrated how impatient the average person is when they are searching for something online. If a page doesn’t load quickly enough for their liking, they navigate away with giving it a second thought. Content can cause a very similar reaction as well. If people have to really concentrate on what you are trying to tell them, they’ll go look elsewhere. If the writing style is causing too much mental or visual strain, they will also go look elsewhere.

If you’re writing a highly complex piece of literature, then you need not worry too much, but if ordinary working class people are your target audience, your content must be easy to follow, and it must be easy on the eyes. For example, lots of short paragraphs are far better than one or two much longer paragraphs. Not everyone has the time or the skill to create their own content, but fortunately, there are some really good content providers that can help.

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