Four Safe Steps for Using the Bong

Four Safe Steps for Using the Bong

The bong has been the most popular and adored cannabis smoking device for a long time. This is proved by a discovery in Russia of a Kurgan in 2013, which shows that the Scythian chiefs used gold bongs to smoke opium and cannabis 2400 years ago. It was also used in China along with tobacco in the 16th century during the Ming Dynasty. Additionally, the Qing dynasty had two types of bong; the homemade bamboo bong used by the country folks, and the more stylish metallic bong used by Chinese nobility, merchants, and townsmen.

What is a Bong?

A bong; also known as bing or water pipe, is a filtration tool used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, or any other herbal substance. It can be made by adding a stem and bowl equipment using any water and air-tight vessel. The apparatus directs air below water level where it fizzes upward when being used. Smoking using a bong is different from using a rolled paper or pipe due to the large amount of smoke that the hollow space can hold. Visit to learn more about bong and other smoking devices.

The Four Simple Steps for Using a Bong

1. Fill the bong with water. Ensure that you pour enough water to submerge the stem half or one inch. The water will enter from the cylindrical tube used to inhale the smoke. If the water is more than enough in your bong, however, it will splash and may enter your mouth or saturate the substance as you inhale. Put some ice into the chamber to cool and smooth the smoke as it rises.

2. Put your smoking substance into the bowl of the bong. The bowl is fixed to the side of the bong, and most of them are removable. Fill the bowl with the broken down or ground substance without over packing as this will clog the bowl and hinder the entrance of air. Similarly, avoid small pieces of the substance that can be sucked through the bong while smoking.

3. Put your lips inside the mouthpiece rim on top of the chamber. Avoid, however, salivating all over the mouthpiece as this is considered bad etiquette. Ensure also that your mouth is firm on the mouthpiece to prevent air from escaping as you smoke. Additionally, remember to put your finger on the carburetor before lighting your bong if it has a hole on the side of the stem. Nevertheless, if it does not have the carburetor, remove the bowl once the smoke is full in the chamber.

4. Ignite your substance by holding a lighter to it while inhaling through your mouth. Release the fire when the substance starts glowing red. Strongly suck to fill the chamber with smoke. If it is your first time to smoke, however, it is advisable to fill the chamber with smoke halfway. Cover the mouthpiece with your palm when you want to take a break. As you inhale, hold the smoke in your lungs for some time then exhale entirely.

Most smokers believe that bong is safer than other smoking devices since the water removes the tar; hence reducing the hazards related with smoking. However, it is important to note that there is no safe method of using cannabis, especially when using homemade bongs. This is because the aluminum or plastic produce toxic fumes when they burn.

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