Data Backup and Security for your IT

Data Backup and Security for your IT

Is there a possible IT catastrophe waiting to occur that could severely make a negative impact on your customers as well as your company?

Data Protection and management is vital for virtually every business, not just for the business itself but for its customers too.

All of us like to believe that these things won’t occur, but the truth is when they do the results could be devastating, and the fact is that they do.

Most companies big and small are nearly totally reliant on the information saved on whatever is kept in the cloud and their network servers, PC’s, notebooks and mobile devices. Lots of this info will probably be exceptionally significant and private so here are a few of the problems you need to think about when thinking about your IT security and back-up options.

Places where information is saved

For those who are in utilise of a small network set up in your business with desktop machines and a few notebooks and mobile devices then it’s likely that a few of your files will probably be saved on the local drives of all of the various machines in use or on the server if you have one. What this means is you will need to do different copies of the individual machines as well as the server meaning much more room for error and more work.

You may also back up the main server as well as your entire hard disks from your staffs other machines too.

How frequently to make a back-up and the best way to do it?

For standard information like docs etc, this may be done in real time and done constantly and up to the minute. For the rest of your network a regular scheduled complete backup should be done weekly at least.

There are various strategies and procedures for data back-up and no single option is ideal. There’s just an ideal option for your unique business’s needs and your IT consultants will inform you on the most effective strategy.

Where to save your back-ups

Does this mean that your business should operate any differently than a very large one? No, certainly not. The exact same principles apply and may be readily embraced. Your back-ups are no more or less costly, they can be proportionate to the size, manner your businesses IT systems runs and how significant that information is.

So for you to be completely safe your back-ups should be in multiple places, not just one. These would comprise an onsite, offsite, cloud, cold storage alternative and maybe even on media, providing you with the same amount of security as bigger companies. For more info contact a company who specialise in IT outsourcing.

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