Brief idea about web hosting

Brief idea about web hosting


If you want to keep up with this fast advancing world and want to know people about you and your business, you have got to share your stuff on the internet. Internet is the best place where you can let people know about your abilities and your work. So, the first thing you should do is create your own website on the internet. This is the best option for you to progress at a faster speed. You might be thinking what after creating the website, how will it be visible to other people on the internet and the answer is with the help of the web hosting services.

What is a web hosting service?

Website hosting is the process by which you can make your website visible to others. With the help of web hosting you can spread the awareness about your work.

Types of web hosting:

  1. Free of charge website hosting- here you can make your website visible to other free of cost, this service is provided by many hosting providers who don’t charge you. They are paid by the advertisements that will be present on your website.
  2. Paid website hosting- you can hire the professional web hosting services. The web hosts provide you a space on their server so that it can be viewed by other internet users.
  3. Internet service supplier- it is an easy and cheap way to host your website.
  4. Domain hosting- if you have a large business and want to host it’s website, this is a good option. Here you can pay to host your website anywhere you like.
  5. Collocation- this is a good option for those who want to run their own web servers as well as their own machines.
  6. Direct access to internet- the large companies who don’t want to risk their security should select this type of web hosting. This is the type where you yourself can host your website.

So, here was a brief idea about the web hosting. This is for the beginners who don’t have much idea about this topic. This article will help you understand the basics of web hosting.

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