Best way to provide a quality service to your customer

Best way to provide a quality service to your customer

Content delivery network is almost known as a backbone of the internet when it comes to deliver the content faster. You all face and see the CDN in your daily life; because when you access any site over the internet and on that site when you get the fast delivery of the content then that you get only because of the CDN.

The main purpose of the CDN is to reduce the latency and provides a maintained and regular speed to the user. If you face any latency that means page loads very slowly then it is a sign that website owner don’t make use of CDN. Because those websites that use CDN deliver a faster content to their user.

How it works

 In order to make use of CDN at first you need to hire any good service provider who can host the CDN network. Then these services spread the website cache or server over many different geographic locations and these cache servers contain all the images, videos, text etc. main aim of spreading a cache over the different Geographic locations is only that whenever any visitor visit your website then they get connected with the closest cache that provides them a content of your website at faster rate.  One of the best advantages of using CDN is that no matter where your visitor location is they always get the fast content.

How it builds

  • POPs – this is one is commonly known as point of presence. This helps the visitor to connect with the closest data center, so that the round trip gets reduce and visitor gets better user experience.
  • Cached servers – these servers store the information and deliver it to the visitor of the website. However it’s main is to reduce the latency period and also the consumption of band width so that the load time of page gets reduce and it loads faster.
  • RAM and HHD/SSD – inside these cached servers all the information is gathered and stored to the hard disk and solid state drives and also in RAM. But if you want to deliver the items more quickly then RAM is the best choice for you to available.

There many websites   in which use of CDN is must recommended and that websites are such as – if you have e-commerc website, gaming website, healthcare website, music as well as video websites and more.

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