All about cell phone explorer

All about cell phone explorer

Cell phone explorer is an application used on almost all the mobile devices and it basically allows you to explore your phone (as name says) and lets you perform various functions on your phone through it. It was developed for the first time in Australia.

Functions of the explorer:

  1. Access address book
  2. Sync the address book with Outlook
  3. Helps to browse files
  4. Helps managing text messages
  5. Lets you create backup files
  6. The calendar entries on your phone can be synced with the Google calendar and other systems
  7. Syncing of address book details with Google mail

These are some of the functions of the mobile phone explorer. There are many other functions too. This application makes it easier to manage most of the functions on your phone.

Benefits of the phone explorer:

  1. The mobile phone explorer is designed in such a way that you can transfer this application to your USB device whenever you want. You can choose for this transferring option when you start using this application
  2. This application has ability to work with almost more than 700 different types of cell phones
  3. You can have access to both the SIM card as well as phone contacts through this application
  4. There is an option of language translation available in case you need to change the language and you can translate the text into 40 different languages

About MyPhoneExplorer:

MyPhoneExplorer is an application which works as a cell phone explorer.  It is available with a USB cable to connect to your and also it could be connected with WiFi or Bluetooth. It can also be downloaded via various websites. It is the best mobile phone explorer. In the year 2007, there were 1.5 million downloads of this application from the websites.

 Earlier this application had bundled applications. But there was an option available for you to opt out of these bundled applications. Now the application is not made with the bundled applications anymore.

MyPhoneExplorer was able to function only on few models of Sony Erricsson. But its later version (1.8), was able to function on all the Android phones as well. But in order to use it on Android phones you will have to install one other application named MyPhoneExplorer Client which is available on the Play Store. The users have given positive reviews for this application and it has higher ratings. This is all about MyPhoneExplorer. If you want to try it out, download it and use it to get a better idea about how it works. Thank you!

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