About the system for archiving old files

About the system for archiving old files

Do you want to archive your old files and content without using any proprietary storage and any agents? Well the best solution for this issue would be the Archive Manager.

This method of archiving files is best for you if you want to archive a large amount of data and files. This is a cost effective method for archiving your data. This is not fake archiving software that uses fake document management system.

Some advantages of selecting Archive Manager

  • The best and cost effective method and is used by windows users for almost 10 years.
  • This system works with all kinds of windows servers available till the year 2016.
  • This is method is very flexible and allows you to archive data and files from any UNC (Uniform Naming Convention) path into any UNC path.
  • This system will manage the lifecycle of each file, from the transfer that you made till the graveyard of that file.
  • You can sit back and relax because there will be no danger to your security or information or any context like various other archiving systems.
  • The file attributes, the file’s place in your directory and its NTFS permissions will everything be preserved for ever.
  • You can also configure your old files in order to transfer them to cloud storage.
  • This system can handle large storage ofvery large files and the largest file stored by this system is about 3.4 Petabytes.
  • There will be no charges applicable to the data that will not be used and will stay idle in the archive storage, only the files that you will use will be charged for. Basically you don’t have to pay for all the storage only for the files you will be using.
  • You will be given subscription licenses.
  • This system is used by a lot of companies ranging from multi billion dollar business companies to military contractors.
  • This system is used by many large companies and is used by over 40 countries worldwide.

If you want an effective way to archive your old files and data www.mltek.net/archiverfs.aspx is one of the best options for you.

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