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The end goal of crowdfunding is to get as many people as possible to share your perspective. Successful entrepreneurs often shy away from the term “convince,” as they believe it’s too aggressive a term, but that’s basically what happens in crowdfunding; you need to convince people that your project is worth funding. Marketing, positioning, and a proper crowdfunding campaign can achieve this, but a lot of people often turn to Kickstarter video production for more favorable results.

According to Video Brewery, Kickstarter’s  Creator Handbook reports that projects using videos “succeed at a much higher rate” than those without. The statistics are pretty telling; campaigns without video have 30% chance of being funded, whereas campaigns with have a significantly higher66%. In fact, 50% of projects with campaign videos have been successfully funded to date.

Looking at Kickstarter’s own guide for new creators, it’s fairly simple to see why Kickstarter video production is a worthwhile investment for your crowdsourcing campaign.


People are more likely to fund you if they can see you’re ready and capable of doing a great job. No one wants to sink their money into an obviously impending train wreck. Telling your story gives them a first-hand look at where you’re coming from. It brings them that much closer to sharing your perspective.

“There’s more to a good project than text,” or so Kickstarter says. “Images and video are a huge help for bringing people inside your story.” It’s been proven several times over; a well-thought Kickstarter video can evoke emotion whilst building a solid relationship with the audience.

As an example, Video Brewery focuses on David Petrillo from Coffee Joulies. They managed to raise $300,000 for their project from nearly 5000 backers. Petrillo credits most of the success to his campaign video—a 3-minute video that features him and his partner (also named Dave) explaining how Joulieshelped them achieve the perfect coffee temperature.

The best part is that the cost of his Kickstarter video production wasn’t all that high to begin with. Petrillo apparently hired a videographer through Craigslist to capture, edit, and produce the simple 3-minute video that got him $300,000 in funding. Which leads us to our next point.


Spending a huge chunk of cash to produce a video for a crowdsourcing campaign is as ironical as it gets. The beauty of a Kickstarter video is that it doesn’t have to be high budget for it to work. Just take Petrillo’s video as an example. One videographer was enough to take product shots, record interview-style scenes, and stitch together a mix of video and stills for maximum impact.

Your Kickstarter video is meant to get people to listen to your side, see things from your perspective, and—hopefully!—support your vision. Clean, simple, and genuineis the best way to do this. This means you don’t really have to pay top dollar for a video. As long as your message is polished and your emotions are ready, you’re all set.


Video is also one of the easiest forms of content to promote and distribute. Uploading it to one social media site (like YouTube) instantly makes it sharable and clickable to all the users on that platform. Further cross-posting it to other social media networks increases its accessibility and visibility, which in turn raises awareness for your campaign.

Viewers are more likely to click on a video thumbnail than they are on a static text post—especially if that post is more than 500 words. Through Kickstarter video production, not only are you more visible to other people, but you’re also more engaging. People are more likely to listen to your whole story and the reason behind your project if they receive it through an audio-visual format rather than a textual format.

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